Mr. Andy Martinez
Mr. Andy Martinez
Welcome to my page!

My name is Anselmo (Andy) Martinez and thank you for visiting my personal page. The purpose of this page is to share with my interest about two distinct believes and philosophies between America and Asia. I have an interest in Asia and I continue to travel to Asian Countries since 2004. (See map)

I will focus specifically between Mexico and China. I will write about the basic beliefs in China and Mexico. Then I would compare and contrast the two distinct beliefs of the two countries that are not only on the opposite side of the globe but also have distinct language, food and beliefs. Finally, I will share with you an example of their differences.

China is not only a country but a continent as well and has a complex political system. Therefore, we can think of China not only as a country but also as a continent in its own right. It has about one quarter of the world population and has great ethnic and land diversity.

China is huge and diverse, however its philosophy and basic beliefs is unified, which means that the same beliefs are the same and is the basics of its culture. There are three main philosophies that made China.

  • Confucianism – which is a system of morality and not a religion.
  • Taoism — which advocates a life of simplicity and naturalness of noninterference.
  • Buddhism – a teaching that greed, hatred and delusion is the cause of all suffering and leaving all desire one can attain enlightenment.

These three philosophies are the most basic and essential Chinese set of believes.